When to Partner with Us

In the simplest of terms, you should partner with us when you want:

  • Creative Strategy and Brand Planning
  • Inspired Innovation
  • To Grow Your Craft and Become Smarter


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if you're still not sure, here's a list of More specific scenarios to help you determine when to partner with us:

  • When you want innovative marketing research and deep insights crystallized in strategy
  • When you want to segment consumers, and establish strategic priorities based on true and actionable opportunity for growth
  • When you want a deeper understanding of current consumer segments to unlock the motivational underpinnings of their segment definition — which are the basis of the true drivers of growth
  • When you want insights for brand design and planning
  • When you want insights to build loyalty and volume with current customers based on MDC’s 4 new P’s of marketing: People, Precision, Permission and Preferences
  • When you want insight that fuels inspiration for innovation
  • When you want inspired brainstorming and new concept development 
  • When you want the best of neuroscience adapted to consumer research, to capture the emotional response and processing of consumers
  • When you want consumer insights, or shopper insights, or an understanding how the two research disciplines interact and affect each other 
  • When you want to create a deep consumer narrative that captures the human experience in a way that resonates with you on a personal basis to create empathy and a penetrating understanding of the consumer experience
  • When you want a brand positioning and identity tool box that highlights the symbolic and metaphorical elements of your brands identity and how they are processed to create brand love; this to develop a consumer script that captures how consumers identify and process your brand, and the ethos and stake that must be established by your brand to create and generate brand love 
  • When you want a proprietary model of the values and motivations that drive all consumer experience and that consumers cannot help but translate into their brand and product experience to create acceptance 
  • When you want a complete understanding of consumers’ path to purchase; their behaviors and their decision processes as well as drivers and barriers to choice 
  • When you want to understand the dynamics of channel and retail choices by categories and identify the trigger of retail choice
  • When you want to understand the barriers to choice for channels, retailers, products and brands – and go beyond to attach a volume penalty for key barriers and the growth that would be developed with their resolution 
  • When you want to go beyond the simple model of value [Value = Quality/Price] to develop an expanded value formula that captures the entire shopper, retail and brand experience  
  • When you want to understand how product and brand premiumization can be achieved or how it affects your brand  
  • When you want to understand and filter specific insight through universal insights to give you deeper knowledge and understanding; understanding that makes you smarter as a researcher and marketer 
  • When you want to understand the essential nature (the architecture) of key constructs in marketing to make you better and smarter, to build your craft: for instance, the essential nature and architecture of superior advertising, of consumer empathy, of brand love, consumers values that are at the root of all behavior