Bruce miller

Research pioneer, poet and philosopher. Bruce’s life’s work has been devoted to the study of consumer behavior and the motivational foundations that drive it. With over 40 years of consumer and shopper research experience, Bruce has led keystone work for many major retailers and consumer packaged goods portfolios. He has taught courses in market segmentation and market strategy at The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Further, Bruce’s work in development of new research techniques that incorporate implicit memory associations and virtual reality to uncover deep insights about consumers and their relationships with brands has led to ground-breaking strategies for building brand love that challenges the basic constructs of marketing grounded in traditional segmentation theory, especially in redefining growth opportunities, and the expanded role of brands in achieving those goals.

Bruce received his B.A. in Philosophy from Monmouth College and further developed his study and theory of man during his graduate studies. He is passionate about his theory that man is a narrative species in constant search for identity in the story of our lives, and how the constructs of story work to understand consciousness and the universe. As a basis for creating brand and marketing strategies, he also developed a model of how man processes his identity both consciously and
non consciously to understand his world – highlighting the role of brands, products and decision choices
in this process.

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marci cohen
managing partner

Marci brings more than 25 years of experience in quantitative marketing research design, technique and analysis. Her consumer and shopper insights expertise spans a full range of study typologies, and a broad array of product and service brands. Marci is revered for her ability to understand client challenges in order to develop research designs that will reveal the deep insights needed to solve business challenges. She is a master of interpretation and storytelling from data, and is a sought-after partner to lead client engagements. Additionally, she has responsibility for all of MDC’s business operations, including client service, team member acquisition, project management and corporate administration.

Marci is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in Marketing. Her mantra is to be curious and not fear the unknown.